Better Returns for Better Communities

Attune Investments creates better communities.  In doing so, we also create better returns for our investors.


We are “impact” investors.  Our aim is to have a positive, beneficial impact on zip codes, neighborhoods, and the lives of our residents.  By improving the areas in which we invest, we improve the value of our properties.  We are attuned to the emerging nature of our market area.  We are attuned to the needs of our residents. 


Examples of the actions we take and the results these actions produce:

  • Improving the lighting in the property with more efficient lights and better lighting, which creates a safer place for our residents and an expense reduction. 

  • Limiting the access and pass-through-ability of the property, to increase safety for our residents. 

  • Training our on-site staff to make regular rounds, being observant, interacting with residents, getting to know residents by name. 

  • Providing social activities to build community and help our residents get to know one another and us better.

  • Reducing the water and electricity used on the property.

  • Fresh paint, well-kept grounds, maintenance performed in a timely manner, nice signage at the entrance, all of which helps the residents be proud to live at the property, renew their leases, and invite their friends to move in too. 


All of these reduce vacancies and turnover expenses and have a positive effect on the residents, the local area, the world and the bottom line.


And, by creating better communities, we are proud to be invested in our properties, glad we are making a positive difference in people's lives. Our investors have many other opportunities in which to invest their capital.  We provide a benefit above and beyond the return on investment.  We provide the good feeling which comes from doing a good thing and having a positive impact on our world.

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