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Harland Merriam brings a unique perspective to multi-family investing, four decades of wisdom and experience as an Army Chaplain (Colonel) and Pastor of large congregations.  His life has given him the ability to provide skilled leadership, an ever-present smile, unquestioned integrity, a listening ear, vision and energy.  He heads up our executive team, with an added focus of investor relations.


He has extensive experience in real estate investing -- owning and operating a mobile home community and currently holding a portfolio of eleven doors of single family and small apartments. 


Chaplain (Colonel) Merriam served a variety of Army and Army Reserve units, over a thirty-three-year career, including as Division Chaplain for the 90th and 75th Divisions.  Pastor Merriam also served a number of congregations as a Pastor in Virginia, North Carolina and Texas. 


Harland has developed skills in crisis response, problem-solving, team leadership and systems management.  He draws on deep reserves of maturity from dealing with some of the most challenging situations in life.  Like the four marathons he has run, he is in this for the long-term, has a vision for the future of our investment in this asset class, and will grind through to success.


His undergraduate degree is in Mathematics and Physics from Stetson University, where he played collegiate tennis and soccer.  He has a masters from Princeton Seminary and a doctorate from Union Seminary.  He is a graduate of many Army courses including the Command and General Staff College.  Harland continuously expands his knowledge and ability with courses in charitable fundraising, real estate investing, tax law, and more.  He is a member of CFRI and serves as a Coach and Chaplain with the PACT Mastermind.


Harland is married to Barbara.  They have two grown sons and two grandchildren.  Harland hybridizes daylilies, is still very active in church and community and has served as a police department chaplain and a mastermind chaplain.  He has raised millions of dollars through the years, primarily for non-profits and charities.  He was President of one of the largest Rotary Clubs in the world, led a team to develop a ten-acre continuing care retirement community, is regularly called upon as a platform speaker, and greatly benefits individuals through his ongoing life coaching work.


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