Why Invest in Multifamily​

Better Returns for Better Communities

Read the brief descriptions below of many of the benefits of Commerical Multifamily assets as an investment tool.  


Click "Read More" with each one for a fuller explanation.

Return of Investment

Multi-family provides a good return on investment.  We think the return OF investment is even more important.  Read more...

Better Communities

We are impact investors.  We make an impact on neighborhoods and families.  We make better communities with better lighting, creating a safe place to live, reducing water and energy usage, bringing pride to our residents.  And we find all of this helps the bottom line.

Read More..

Good Steady Return

Cash flow or steady income is most important to us.  We are running a business, one which has a consistent net positive operating income.​​  Read More..

Growth of Capital

Multifamily provides excellent potential for growing our invested capital, beyond the returns we get from cash flow.  Read More

Tax Advantages

Real estate investments have a distinct advantage over many other assets and it is called depreciation.  Through depreciation and other strategies, we can delay or greatly reduce our income taxes year after year.   Read More..

Proven Demand, Basic Need

The demand for shelter will be here next year, ten years from now, ...  Multifamily properties have a long track record of performance.  Well documented projections see this demand growing for decades into the future.   Read More..

Invest with IRA or 401k

Did you know you can invest in real estate with your retirement funds, your IRA or 401k?  You can.  Read more...

Low Volatility

Stocks go up and down, sometimes significantly.  So do many other asset classes.  The volatility of multifamily is remarkably low.  It moves through cycles, like everything else, but the ups and downs are not dramatic.  Multifamily has an excellent "Sharpe Ratio" (a way to compare various asset classes taking into consideration both return and volatility).   Read More..

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