Multifamily is Accessible to You


A Conversation with David Kamara

We learn a lot from each other, as we share in a regularly meeting mastermind together.

David is in Michigan and active in multi-family. In this 11 minute video, you will learn from David.

  • a business consultant
  • started investing in single-family
  • scaled up to multifamily
  • helps others be active investors or passive investors
  • started with around 200 units
  • his friends asked to invest alongside him
  • now a full-time investor
  • everyday people can own multifamily investments
  • he encourages us to ask a lot of questions
  • help provide good housing
  • gain tax advantages for investors, both passive and active
  • the returns on real estate are better than many other kinds of investments
  • he encourages us to diversify our investments, even with different operators
  • the risk adjusted return is excellent with multifamily real estate
  • people need a place to live, 8 million leases expected to be signed in next six months
  • contact
  • “Personal Cash Flow Formula” a free E-book he offers
  • secure both growth of your capital and cash flow