Learn about the advantages of this asset class.


Steady Passive Income

Produces good, consistent return on investment.

GROWTH of Capital

Provides excellent potential for growing generational wealth.

RETURN of Investment

Return OF the investment is more important than return ON investment.

Better Communities

We make better returns by making better communities, investing for a positive impact.

Tax Advantages​

Real estate offers a number of significant tax reduction and elimination benefits.

Proven Demand, Basic Need

Shelter is basic.  Rental market is not going away.  Increasing demand.

Invest in Real Estate w/IRA

Use retirement accounts (IRA, 401k, etc) to invest in real estate.

Low Volatility

Compared with other asset classes, excellent returns with low volatility.


30 unit, built in 1974, close to Capital, FSU and FAMU

Class-C complex, now renovated to Class-B with 95% Occupancy

26 unit, built in 1993, Value Play.  Renovated in 3 phases. 

70 - 125 unit, built ~ 1970, close to Colleges, Class-C  in C plus neighborhood, Value play with opportunity to raise rents 15% or more within 18 months

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