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Some of the Benefits of Investing in Multifamily

Passive Income

Tap into better returns with multifamily investments.  Receive regular, passive income.

Equity Growth

Grow your investments.

Portfolio Diversity

Adding multi-family to your investment portfolio, or weighting your portfolio with multifamily.

Tax Benefits

Real Estate investments provide a number of tax advantages, such as depreciation.


Long Term Stability

Over the past several decades, multi-family assets have not only held their value, but also experienced little volatility, and have been very stable.

Leverage and Amortization

You can take advantage of appropriate debt financing to provide leverage.  And the amortization of the loans creates additional equity.

Our Team

Mike Bocanegra

Mike and his wife, Amy, bring deep experience in multi-family investments, asset management, property management.

Mike Jacobson

Mike, with his aero-space engineering work, MBA, and Navy experience brings attention to detail to our work.

Harland Merriam

Harland brings decades of experience as a Pastor and Army Chaplain, his people skills, and his keen mind to our efforts.

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