The Changing Face of Financial Education

And How It Impacts Your Future THE CHANGING FACE OF FINANCIAL EDUCATION And How It Impacts Your Future I am fortunate to have obtained what I consider to be a good financial education. It wasn’t from formal education.  It wasn’t from an MBA.  All of my formal education, through engineering and an MBA, only included […]

Jess Wants to Invest in Real Estate

JESS WANTS TO INVEST IN REAL ESTATE Four Steps for His First Investment I received a call from Jess this weekend.  A very successful mid-level manager in a big company, he is in his late 20s and engaged to be married. Investing in real estate is something he wants to do.  In the long run, […]

Getting Real Estate Benefits Without Being A Landlord

GETTING REAL ESTATE BENEFITS WITHOUT BEING A LANDLORD Many millionaires obtained their wealth through real estate. Billionaires like to use real estate to continue growing their wealth.  And enjoy some of the benefits. And many people see that there are benefits to owning real estate, but they don’t want to be landlords.  It sounds like […]

Four Things to Do Right

FOUR THINGS TO DO RIGHT What is needed for a good deal? INTRODUCTION Come with me on an analysis of a multifamily property for a possible purchase. We will walk through a four-point checklist, kind of up at 30,000 feet, if you know what I mean. Here is how we at Attune Investments tend to […]

Coming Soon! Rent Control

COMING SOON! RENT CONTROL 4 Actions to Take Now There is a movement across the country asking for rent control.  Have you seen it? Some cities have imposed it. Suddenly the threat is in our backyard. In Florida, Orange County commissioners approved a rent stabilization ordinance to be placed on the ballot in November. The […]

Boost Your Multifamily Investing Business

BOOST YOUR MULTIFAMILY INVESTING BUSINESS Strategic Multifamily Connections – a meetup group Are you an investor with money to invest or an operator looking for capital?   Do you need access to fresh ideas or different perspectives to get out of a rut?   Are you looking for a way to learn more about multifamily investing? Connecting […]

Why Did My Financial Planner Say That?

WHY DID MY FINANCIAL PLANNER SAY THAT? I’m writing this week while we are on a trip to Europe.  We started in Germany and stayed in a small town near Oberammergau.  After checking in at the hotel my mother had trouble opening the door to the balcony and asked me for help.  The top had […]

Many Ways to Become a Multifamily Investor

MANY WAYS TO BECOME A MULTIFAMILY INVESTOR Which of these might work for you? JOHN’S FIRST INVESTMENT IN APARTMENTS John started investing in apartments years ago while he was still working.  He started by finding an operator he trusted and investing the minimum amount of funds in a property near where he lived.  John had […]

Retirement Account Secrets Your Broker Won’t Tell You

RETIREMENT ACCOUNT SECRETS YOUR BROKER WON’T TELL YOU Several years ago I was having lunch with some friends and we were discussing what we had each done over the weekend.  I mentioned that I had spent the weekend learning how to use my IRA to invest in real estate.  One person reacted with, “You can […]


LET’S DO THIS TOGETHER An opportunity to connect with others Are you a real estate investor, or want to be?  Perhaps you want to focus on investments in apartments.  You may already see the many long-term benefits.  In a previous article we outlined 5 of the benefits of multifamily investments, what some call an IDEAL […]

Recessions and Inflation: What You Need To Know Now

RECESSIONS AND INFLATION: WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW NOW Spoiler Alert: This Is Not Like The Great Recession Many people believe we are already in a recession.  We are also experiencing high inflation and rising interest rates.  What does that mean for our investments?  What does that do to our ability to use retirement funds […]

Have You Thought About Investing in RV Parks?

HAVE YOU THOUGHT ABOUT INVESTING IN RV PARKS? Pros and Cons of RV Park Investing. The RV Park business grew from $5.48 billion to $6.32 billion in sales from 2020 to 2021.  This is a 15% year-over-year increase.  Perhaps you know people of all ages who enjoy RVing.  Some are young families who find this […]

Landlording Surprises That Boost Your Income

220628 Landlording Surprises That Boost Your Income LANDLORDING SURPRISES THAT BOOST YOUR INCOME Forest Gump was right.  Life is like a box of chocolates.  You never know what you are going to get. It holds true for tenants.  Even when the screening seems thorough and includes background checks. And it holds true for property managers. […]


WHAT MIGHT INFLATION DO TO YOUR MULTIFAMILY INVESTMENT? Keep your eyes open during the current economic turbulence. Eggs will cost you more today than they did yesterday. So will most everything else. It is called inflation. What will inflation do to your multifamily investment? I don’t know.  No one else does either. What we do […]

8 Real Estate Lessons From My Dad

8 REAL ESTATE LESSONS FROM MY DAD These Still Hold True Today I owe my passion for real estate to my dad.  With Father’s Day coming up this seems like an appropriate time to share some of the lessons that I learned from my dad with regards to real estate.   My dad was a broker, […]


WHY CAN’T WE PULL THE TRIGGER? JUST DO IT! Learn how to manage your fear. By Harland Merriam (repeated on demand) Ten years from now you will be glad you made the decision and took action on it.  But, something still keeps you from pulling the trigger.  This has happened to me several times in […]

Why Cash Is Not King

WHY CASH IS NOT KING THE MYTH How many times have you heard the words, “Cash is king.”? It sounds good. Sure, it feels good to have Benjamins in your wallet.  But that does not make cash king. Cash is necessary for reserves and to pay expenses.  But there is something else more important than […]

3 Reasons to MeetUp

3 REASONS TO MEET UP Keep Getting Better With Your Investing Some of you reading this would like to “up” your investments. By this, I mean you want to better understand investing in general or multifamily investments specifically.  You want more confidence in making your investment decisions. Me too.  I’ve been investing for decades and […]

Are You Creating A Legacy Or A Headache?

ARE YOU CREATING A LEGACY OR A HEADACHE? SIMPLE SOLUTIONS TO KEEP THE CASH FLOWING There is a problem many of us do not want to face.  My wife and I put it off for many years. During our building years we built up a nest egg.  It included stocks, mutual funds, and our favorite, […]


3 WAYS WE KEEP OUR FINGER ON THE PULSE Making sure our investment is solid It would be nice if we could just “Set it and forget it” as the infomercial used to say.  That might work for kitchen gadgets like toaster-ovens or crock-pots. Most of the rest of real life requires a bit more […]

How To Invest For Your Life Stage

Choosing Investments For The Time Of Your Life HOW TO INVEST FOR YOUR LIFE STAGE Choosing Investments For The Time Of Your Life Investing can be complicated and scary.  But it doesn’t have to be. It is common to have a fear of what we don’t understand.  We don’t know what lies ahead.  However, we […]

What are your Blind Spots?

WHAT ARE YOUR BLIND SPOTS? Don’t let them ruin your day My blind spot in the car just about caused an accident with another car on the Interstate last week.  Blind spots can ruin your day. I was pulling onto Interstate 4 and getting up to speed.  As I veered left to merge into traffic, […]

How to Grow a Retirement Fund Faster Using Real Estate

HOW TO GROW A RETIREMENT FUND FASTER USING REAL ESTATE And Save Money On Taxes It’s April and most of us are too familiar with what that means.  Taxes are due. I don’t mind paying my fair share.  But I don’t want to pay more than my fair share. Many of us ask questions like: […]

Got Capital?

GOT CAPITAL? 3 capital needs in multifamily investments You have seen the milk ad, “Got Milk?”  In the arena of apartment investing, let’s talk about a similar need, “Got Capital?” Three years ago, we found an apartment complex with a lot of potential.  But we didn’t have the $8+ million to purchase it. CAPITAL WAS […]

Finding The One Thing That Maximizes Cash Flow

And Increases The Value Of Your Rental Portfolio FINDING THE ONE THING THAT MAXIMIZES CASH FLOW And Increases The Value Of Your Rental Portfolio Many of us venture into real estate seeking greater returns, stability, and control over our investments. Later, some of us find ourselves spending more time managing properties to ensure they are […]

One Step to Create Something to Meet Your Need

ONE STEP TO CREATE SOMETHING TO MEET YOUR NEED We started a meetup to meet a common multifamily need Perhaps you are looking for something – more information, connections with people who can help you, ways to build your skills with what you are doing?  Perhaps you have a problem and aren’t sure where to […]

Teaching An Old Dog New Tricks

TEACHING AN OLD DOG NEW TRICKS There are some myths that need to be busted. Like cash is king. And the three most important things in real estate are location, location, and location. And you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. As we grow older and more experienced, we learn and develop conclusions.  Our […]


IS PROCRASTINATION STOPPING YOU? 2 Simple Actions You Can Take to Break Through I PROCRASTINATE I have something I need to confess. I procrastinated in writing and sharing this article.  I put it off.  I delayed.  I did other things.  I made excuses. Do you ever do any of these things?  Sometimes you and I […]

Is Financial Freedom Only A Dream?

IS FINANCIAL FREEDOM ONLY A DREAM? Discovering Magic Points In Your Journey Do you ever ask yourself, “Am I saving enough to retire someday?”  Does it ever seem like savings and investments grow very slowly?  Like watching paint dry but slower? Recent inflation has many people wondering if they have saved enough.  Gas and housing […]

“NO” Sometimes Means “Not Yet”

“NO” SOMETIMES MEANS “NOT YET” Never Give Up A DEAL FELL THROUGH We had a deal go out of contract this week.  We’ve been working on this one for eight months, have been under contract, have been doing due diligence, and thought everything was coming together.  And then some new information changed everything. The sellers […]