Gain Control with Multifamily Investments


Lennon Lee and Mike Jacobson talk together

Lennon Lee shares a number of nuggets for those considering investments in multifamily properties.  We enjoyed this conversation with Lennon.  We are in a mastermind together with Lennon.  Here are some of his key points…

  • Miami based full time real estate investor
  • From Venezuela to the United States 12 years ago
  • Started managing a portfolio of properties
  • Help investors through syndication
  • Engineer by education, now an entrepreneur
  • Multifamily is considered a “commercial” property
  • Value of property is based on income, viewed as a business
  • Net Operating Income (NOI) determines value of property
  • Owner is in control of value of the property
  • Can increase the value by operating more effectively
  • Differences compared to industrial and office buildings
  • Everyone needs a place to live
  • Investment focus is to build a community of passive investors
  • Who can achieve financial and time freedom
  • Help people building a legacy for next generation
  • “If you have a good deal, money won’t come”
  • Build trust and relationship with people
  • Understand your priority with your business
  • Is control or your time more important to you