How to change what you think

Does “mindset” really matter?

You better believe it does.  Your mindset (whatever that is) is perhaps the single most significant element in your life. 

My mindset has held me back so many times through the years.

Until my mindset shifted, I was blocked.  When I got my mindset right, things changed, and for me, they changed for the better.

For example, my mindset around investing in multi-family properties, I thought apartment complexes were out of my league.  They were for the big players, the people who had a lot of money and power.  They were for those who had years of experience with single-family and moved up gradually.  They were for other people, but not for me. 

Those “inner conversations” in my mind got in my way and stopped me. 

And then, things shifted in my mind.  I decided to learn about investing in apartments.  I participated in training and went to conferences in the multi-family space.  I met some other people, who turned out weren’t that different than me. This changed the way I was thinking.

Another example would be earlier in my life around being a minister.  Back then, if there was a list of professions I never wanted to do, the ministry was top on that list.  I didn’t have any good role models.  I didn’t understand what it meant to really be a minister.  I didn’t want to be one of “them.” 

And then I met a minister named Ed and another named Richard, whose examples changed my mind.  We talked.  I observed, and my mindset around ministry changed.  Before I knew it, I was off to seminary.

Mindset is a powerful force in your life and my life.


As I alluded to above, our mindset is that “inner conversation” we have in our head.  We all have these thoughts, these beliefs, these ideas about ourselves and our world. 

We can have ineffective or disempowering mindsets. Or we can have empowering ones. Which do you want for you?

Dr. Carol Dweck, the author of The New Psychology of Success, speaks of two basic mindsets. We either have a fixed or a growth mindset. 

If our mindset is fixed, we think that nothing can change, we are stuck, we are blocked.  If we fail, we are a failure.  If we can’t do something, there is no use trying.  We see limitations.

If we have a growth mindset, we are open to learning and trying things.  We aren’t so focused on outcomes as in getting better, experimenting, practicing till we get better.  We see possibilities.


“Can I change my mindset?” you might ask.

The answer is YES, definitely yes.  

It is as simple as changing a thought.  We call it “changing our mind” and that is not being wishy-washy.  It is a matter of deciding to look at life in a different way.  Our frame of mind makes a difference.

Some would say our frame of mind, or mindset impacts how things turn out in our life.

Change your worldview and your view of the world will change.  Change your view of the world and your world will change. Think about it.


Mike and Mike and I meet people regularly who don’t think they can invest in apartments. They don’t think they have enough of something.

Like the earlier version of me, they think that only the “big boys” can be multifamily investors.

It is just not true, but if you have that mindset, it will be hard to change your behavior and take action to learn about multifamily investing and become comfortable with a decision to invest in an apartment.

In my earlier mindset, I stuck with mutual funds and a few individual stocks and money market funds.

I sure am glad I changed my mind about real estate investing. It has made a world of difference.

What will it take for you to change that little voice in your head? 

Give us a call and let’s talk. 

This isn’t so much about investing with us as it is about you getting a more effective mindset about your investing.  You don’t have to become an investor with apartments in your portfolio, but you can become someone who realizes this option is open to you.

With a different mindset, you will have the opportunity to learn and find an operator you can trust, or become one yourself.

The good news is that changing your mindset is simple.  It is as simple as changing a thought, being open to learn, exploring new possibilities…

Every single one of the investors in our syndications once had a mindset that was getting in their way.  Over time, with the changing of a few thoughts, their mindset shifted and they saw what they can do, rather than stay focused on what they couldn’t do.

Our mindsets can change.  And when they do, our lives change, too.


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