Get Back Up After a Challenging Investment

The fall is when you fall down. The stall is when you stay down.

This blog is about not stalling, not staying down.

Five-time Olympic Gold Medal Winner, Marion Jones, told us yesterday afternoon about poor choices that put her in prison as a young woman with three children. She was stripped of those gold medals after admitting to steroid use.

Like all the rest of us, this legendary athlete fell down…hard.

Then, later, facing some bad financial decisions, she ended up in prison for actions she took related to her debts and check counterfieting.

I haven’t been in prison.  You probably have not either. 

But if you are reading this you know what it is like to fall to fail.  We’ve made poor choices and had to face the consequences.  We fell.

Or life has hit us hard and knocked us down.  It might have been losing a job, failing in a business, or an investment that created a big loss on the ledger.

Marion was finally released from prison and has turned her life around. She is raising her children well and is a successful business woman and in-demand speaker.

Susan, a friend of Marian’s was with her yesterday.  Six months ago she hired Marian as her fitness coach.

Can you imagine that, having a five-time Olympic Gold Medal athlete coach you on your fitness, nutrition, and mindset.

Susan was doing a series of pushups in one of the workouts with Marian, was trying to push up, couldn’t get back to the top, struggled, and fell over, face down on the mat.

Marian dropped down on the mat next to Susan and said, “It is not about the fall, but about the stall.”  A nice quotable quote that rhymes.  And more…

There on the ground beside Susan, who was staying down, Marian said, “We all fall.  The key is not to stay down.  Not to stall on the floor in self-pity.  Not to quit.  Embrace the failure, the pain, and then get back up and try again.”


This blog has an investing theme. Falls happen with our investments too, don’t they.

If you have been investing, no doubt, you have experienced some investment falls. 

I know I have, for example…

Have you experienced anything like that?

All of us fall.  We all experience failures. In life and in our investments.

Some of us stay down, stall out, drop out, pull back into our comfort zone, and give up.  Some have tried investmenting and got burned.  So, they quit.  They are gun shy.

Fear takes over.

But, then I hope someone or something drops down beside us and tells us not to stall when we are down, but rather to use the failure, receive the fall as a lesson. 

Marion Jones got back up after a hugely consequential poor decision.  She is quite an amazing woman, now.  I met and talked with Marion and her daughter yesterday.  She is doing exceptionally well, making a huge, positive impact on her children and many more.


Susan found Marian to be her fitness and personal coach.  That relationship has transformed Susan’s life from mediocre to phenomenal. 

Even if you and I don’t have access to people like this Olympic Champion, we can choose to find people like her to be in our lives – positive people, encouragers.

I have been blessed with many.

I am thinking of my dad, my sons, my wife, and people like Dan, Julie, Jim, Mavourneen, Ed, Bill, and Mike who have been in my life.  These are people I have hung out.  They have helped me get up from falls.  They have helped me stay up and keep on keeping on.

I have been fortunate to get to know people in our real estate investment space who encourage, support, teach, and coach me.  They give me courage and give me energy to take steps beyond my comfort zone.  They help me grow stronger as an investor.

Susan didn’t stay down on the mat after she fell.  Marian helped her try again.  Marian gave her new confidence, helped her take small steps, consistently, and by doing so, Susan has made huge strides in her life.

Who is helping you get up, not stay down when you fall?  Or, maybe, you have the opposite kind of people, those who do hang with who don’t care if you stay down?

Mike Jacobson and I at Attune Investments have both experienced investment falls throughout our lives.  And honestly, both of us have stalled several times. 

But, we have gotten back up and have kept going.  We have folks in our lives who teach us, coach us, encourage us, challenge us.

If you are ready to step into multifamily investments or to step back in after a rough patch, give one of us a call.  We understand.  We listen.  We would be glad to assist.


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