Is There A Monkey On Your Back?

IS THERE A MONKEY ON YOUR BACK? Some years ago my wife, Barb, was given a stuffed monkey by her office manager.   She kept the monkey in the car as a daily reminder that while she takes care of her patients, she should not take on someone else’s workload.   She should not put someone else’s […]

Discover 3 Benefits For Limited Partners

DISCOVER 3 BENEFITS FOR LIMITED PARTNERS Do you ever feel like you don’t have enough time to find great investments? Have you ever thought that you don’t have enough money to invest in real estate? Is it a struggle to balance family or personal life with work and finding time to manage your investments? Are […]

How Good Is Your Investment Advice?

3 Tips To Get Better Intelligence Before Making Financial Decisions HOW GOOD IS YOUR INVESTMENT ADVICE? 3 Tips To Get Better Intelligence Before Making Financial Decisions Have you ever received bad advice regarding an investment? Maybe it was a stock tip that turned out to be a bust. It might have been a friend or […]

Real Estate Wealth Without Tenants And Toilets

Here Are Three Ways To Get Your Life Back And Grow Your Portfolio REAL ESTATE WEALTH WITHOUT TENANTS AND TOILETS Here Are Three Ways To Get Your Life Back And Grow Your Portfolio Many people get excited about making money in real estate.  The TV flipping shows make it look easy.   But they don’t show […]

To Roth or Not To Roth

Did The SECURE Act Set A Time Bomb In Your IRA? To Roth Or Not To Roth Did The SECURE Act Put A Time Bomb In Your IRA? Updated April 15, 2024  As we approached the normal tax filing deadline, did you ask yourself if there are any moves  to  consider making to save money […]

Location, Location, Location

Choosing Where To Invest In Real Estate LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION: Choosing Where To Invest In Real Estate You may have seen it in the headlines or the news.  A squatter moves into a house and it takes months for the rightful owner to regain possession of the property.  We are not talking about tenants who […]

Immediate Action Needed To Protect Your Identity

IMMEDIATE ACTION NEEDED TO PROTECT YOUR IDENTITY You may have heard about it.  The Corporate Transparency Act.  It might mean nothing to you, yet.  But if you own a family business, or partner with others in an LLC, including real estate partnerships, and have substantial control, then as of January 1, 2024 you have additional […]

Don’t Make These Investing Mistakes

Emotions Matter DON’T MAKE THESE INVESTING MISTAKES Emotions Matter According to Sir John Templeton, “Bull markets are born on pessimism, grow on skepticism, mature on optimism, and die of euphoria.”  It’s interesting because we claim to make our investments analytically.  But every investment decision is impacted by our emotions, whether or not we care to […]

Finding Creative Solutions To Common Real Estate Problems

FINDING CREATIVE SOLUTIONS TO COMMON REAL ESTATE PROBLEMS Surviving A Hurricane Have you ever imagined what it would be like to be on an island in the middle of the ocean and knowing a hurricane was heading your way? A while back my wife and I were on a cruise to Bermuda, where a hurricane […]

Exploring New Opportunities

EXPLORING NEW OPPORTUNITIES Ask These Questions Before You Invest I recently had a relative contact me who was approached about investing in a business with someone who is syndicating. They were looking for limited partners.  He was considering investing as a limited partner in this business and had a few questions.  Have I heard of […]

Discover 5 Reasons Why Real Estate Is An IDEAL Investment

Are You Taking Advantage Of These 5 Benefits? Watch the YouTube video here. DISCOVER 5 REASONS WHY REAL ESTATE IS AN IDEAL INVESTMENT Are You Taking Advantage Of These 5 Benefits? A few years ago my wife and I were driving on our way home from a vacation.  We checked her company stock and it […]


The journey towards FIRE is not just about retirement; it’s about gaining control over your life, having more choices, and enjoying financial freedom. Let’s revisit the steps that have been outlined and discover how we can build confidence and take practical steps toward achieving FIRE.

Unlocking the Door to Passive Real Estate Investments: A Dive into Multifamily Syndications

UNLOCKING THE DOOR TO PASSIVE REAL ESTATE INVESTMENTS: A DIVE INTO MULTIFAMILY SYNDICATIONS Introduction Greetings, fellow investors! Today, we’re delving into the world of multifamily real estate investments and the dynamic realm of partnerships. Buckle up as we unfold the reasons behind our preference for multifamily ventures and the transformative power of syndications. The Appeal […]

Stocks vs Real Estate, Which is Best?

STOCKS VS REAL ESTATE – WHICH IS BEST? Introduction In the realm of wealth-building, the choice between investing in mutual funds or real estate is a decision that many consider.  This week we take a look at the complexities, advantages, and challenges associated with these two well-known avenues. Both stocks and real estate offer distinct […]

Should I Invest For Appreciation Or Cash Flow?

How do we decide between investing for cash flow or appreciation?  It depends on the stage of life you are in.  Do you need appreciation so you can build up your “nest egg” or do you need cash flow to perhaps replace the income from your “job”? Here is the Youtube link: Here is […]

Setting Milestones On The F.I.R.E. Journey

Financial Independence, Retire Early Click here to watch the video, or keep reading below for the transcript. SETTING MILESTONES ON THE F.I.R.E. JOURNEY Financial Independence, Retire Early Transcript Mike Hi, I’m Mike Jacobson and with me is Harland Merriam. Together we are Attune Investments and today we are talking about F.I.R.E., Financial Independence, Retire Early. […]

First Three Steps to Achieve FIRE

Financial Independence, Retire Early Click the image to watch the video, or keep reading below for the transcript. FIRST 3 STEPS TO ACHIEVE FIRE Financial Independence, Retire Early Transcript Mike Hi, Mike Jacobson here. Harland And I’m Harland Meriam.   Mike Together we’re Attune Investments and we are putting together a series of videos about FIRE, […]

Avoid These IRA Mistakes

By Asking The Right Questions AVOID THESE IRA MISTAKES By Asking The Right Questions IRAs have become popular as a means to save and invest for retirement.  They can also provide a tax deduction. People have learned that they can transfer retirement funds from old 401(k) accounts to IRAs that they control. Some savvy investors […]

What Is Your Financial Independence ETA?

Can I Retire Yet? WHAT IS YOUR FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE ETA? Can I Retire Yet? Are We There Yet? How much longer? When can I retire? Have you ever asked yourself these questions?   Over time, as our nest egg grows, we might start sounding like kids in the back seat of the car on a long […]

Are Your Dreams Big Enough?

Get More Benefits From Networking ARE YOUR DREAMS BIG ENOUGH? Get More Benefits From Networking A major financial planning myth was a lie.  Spending was supposed to go down in retirement. Their justification seemed reasonable.  It came from multiple sources – financial magazines and financial planners. There would not be a need to contribute to […]

How To Acquire Real Estate Today

HOW TO ACQUIRE REAL ESTATE TODAY: 3 Parameters to Assess a Property Investing can be challenging and confusing.  Where should I invest cash today? Real estate investments have enjoyed nice returns through appreciation.  But the market has been changing.  For example: Inflation is slowing. Rent growth is slowing. Interest rates continue to rise. Inventory is […]

Will My Money Last Long Enough?

3 Keys For Successful Investing WILL MY MONEY LAST LONG ENOUGH? 3 Keys For Successful Investing It was the bottom of the ninth.  Tie game, 2-2.  Two outs with a runner on second. A single could win the game.  Or an out would send the game into extra innings. Running out of money is like […]

Get the Benefits of Networking

Without Leaving Your House GET THE BENEFITS OF NETWORKING Without Leaving Your House We screwed up.  We hit the pause button on our monthly networking event.  People asked when we were having the next meeting. They missed the interaction with other investors.  People who are purchasing multi-family properties and creating value. They missed hearing from […]

We’re Back!

WE’RE BACK! Your Multi-Family Investing Meetup Group Your multi-family investing meetup group returns this August.  Wednesday, August 16th, at noon eastern. Several people requested that we bring it back. One person really enjoyed the networking with other experienced multi-family investors.  He likes spending time with like-minded people. Learn from other multi-family experts around the country.  […]

Reducing Portfolio Risk When Approaching Retirement

What Are The Risks That We Are Missing? REDUCING PORTFOLIO RISK WHEN APPROACHING RETIREMENT What Are The Risks That We Are Missing? One of the greatest fears many people have is running out of money in retirement.  Sometimes fear causes us to make less than ideal decisions.  Some people put their money into an annuity […]

Investing Made Easy With Rule of 72

A Tool So Simple Your Kids Can Use It INVESTING MADE EASY WITH RULE OF 72 A Tool So Simple Your Kids Can Use It Investing can get complicated.   Which way are prices heading?  Will rents continue to rise?  Will the stock market crash again?  Is my money safe?  Can I retire yet?  Or when […]

Finding Opportunities In Real Estate Partnerships

FINDING OPPORTUNITIES IN REAL ESTATE PARTNERSHIPS Investing is a team sport. Some of my best deals and experiences have come from investing with partners or working with others as a team. I have also seen many real estate investors appear to violate Securities and Exchange Commission, or SEC, regulations.  It was unintentional.  Usually by newer […]

Is Your Investing A DIY Project?

4 Strategies To Get Back Your Time   IS YOUR INVESTING A DIY PROJECT? 4 Strategies To Get Back Your Time Does your investing ever seem like a DIY project? One of our first rental property investments was a student rental in Statesboro, Georgia.  Our kids were going to school at Georgia Southern and the […]

Which Way Do We Go?

Finding Good Properties In This Market WHICH WAY DO WE GO? Finding Good Properties In This Market We have high inflation and the dollar continues to get devalued. Interest rates remain high and the Federal Reserve raised the Fed Funds rate another 0.25-percent recently.  The cost of borrowing funds for would-be homebuyers and multi-family housing […]

How To Achieve FIRE Faster With Passive Real Estate

HOW TO ACHIEVE FIRE FASTER WITH PASSIVE REAL ESTATE Have you heard of the FIRE movement?  Financial Independence, Retire Early. Does it sound like a crazy idea?  Or maybe something to aim for? The basic premise is to live and spend on less, and invest more.  This enables financial independence at an earlier age than […]