Building Wealth through Multifamily Investments with Jonathan Barr

Mike Jacobson shares a 9 minute conversation with Jonathan Barr

We have come to know Jonathan in a mastermind in which we meet regularly and are learning together and encouraging one another. Jonathan shares some of his experience and philosophy of apartment investing.  
California, multifamily investor

  • Grew up in real estate family
  • About 400 deals in single family since 2008
  • Ground up development in Los Angeles
  • Multifamily in Kansas City and Oklahoma City
  • About 300 units in multifamily currently
  • 118 units under contract, syndication
  • A few deals a year
  • Exploring storage and retail strip centers near current locations
  • Value add – reduce expenses, upgrades 
  • Getting first deal puts you on the map, snowball effect
  • Brokers want to know you can close
  • Philosophy of keeping properties long term, long term wealth creation
  • Refinance, tax free, compound wealth
  • Accelerated depreciation, paper losses to offset income
  • Twitter – post value every day