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Ginger wanted to learn about an investment we were offering.  But she was too late.

Prior to a “cut-off date” she didn’t really know us.  We didn’t really know her either.

We couldn’t offer her either the information or an opportunity to invest in that deal.  We have become better acquainted since.  So, with a deal we are about to announce, she will be able to hear about it, get information about it, and be able to invest if she chooses.


As some of you are aware, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is a Federal agency seeking to protect people who are making investments.  The SEC has established a number of rules and regulations.  These apply to us as Attune Investments when we offer an investment opportunity.

Many of the investment opportunities we offer are what are called “syndications”.  This is a big word that means several people getting together in a common investment.

For example, several years ago, seventeen investors joined together to purchase and own a large apartment complex with us.  We secured an SEC Attorney to draft the required documents and shared the “offering” with people we already knew well.  Of all those with whom we were able to share the documents these seventeen were able to get all the details they needed, become aware of the risks and the potential benefits, and make an informed decision to invest.

I am not an attorney, but one of the keys for me to stay out of hot water with the SEC is to make sure we have a “preexisting relationship” with anyone we share specific information with about any potential investment.

There are other rules and requirements that make sure those who are making an investment have the ability to make an informed decision. 

In the next section I explain one of these rules.


What do we mean by a “preexisting relationship”?

Please note that other operators or sponsors may have their requirements. Here are ours.  It is really very simple.

There are two avenues:

ACCREDITED INVESTORS. If you are an “accredited investor,” which means you have enough net worth or income, and understand investments, we simply need to talk, get acquainted more personally, and we are able to proceed.

If you aren’t sure what an “accredited investor” is, here is a link to an official government website with further information and a definition:  https://www.investor.gov/introduction-investing/general-resources/news-alerts/alerts-bulletins/investor-bulletins/updated-3

SOPHISTICATED INVESTORS. Don’t let the title scare you. Some, who don’t yet have the net worth or income to qualify as an accredited investor, can qualify in another way. It is as simple as a phone call.

We get to know each other.  We might do this face to face, or over the phone, or on zoom or something.  You get to know us, who we are, and what we do.  And we get to know you, your investing experience, your knowledge of the risks and possible benefits, and other stuff that helps us to help you confirm that you are what is called a “sophisticated investor.”  More on that term in a moment.

We will ask to have two or three conversations over a week or so to give us both time to see if this is a good fit for both of us.  This gives us time to process what we are hearing, develop additional questions for each other, and build a sense of liking each other and trusting each other, should we become investment partners.

Now, about that word “sophisticated”.  It probably doesn’t mean what you think it means.  Think about it this way.  A sophisticated investor is someone like you who has “sufficient knowledge and experience in financial and business matters to evaluate the merits and risks of the prospective investment.”  (That is a quote from the government link above.)

So, as we talk, we confirm together that you are able to make an informed decision about your investments.  You may do this alone or with your advisors, such as your attorney or accountant.

Get in touch and we can establish that we have a preexisting relationship, just in case, at some time, you want to invest with us.  If you and we don’t have this relationship, at some point we won’t be able to provide you with the opportunity to invest.

It is as simple as a phone call.

Remember Ginger? She didn’t start the process soon enough.

You still have time.


I write this article today to alert you.

The window might be closing very soon.  Some people will be able to explore what we have to offer and others will not.  Those who have established a “preexisting relationship” will be able to see the documents that will describe the deal.  Those who don’t, won’t.

I invite you to go to our website and do what we call “Join the Attune Club”.  You will provide some information and schedule a call with Mike Jacobson or with me.  And we’ll talk.

We look forward to getting to know you better and to having you get to know us.

Here is the link for starting this process:  https://www.attuneinvestments.com/join-the-club-2/


Attune Investments provides a better return for our investors.  And we make a positive impact in people’s lives and in our world.

If you want to learn more about how others are investing with us then we invite you to join our club and request a conversation with us.

Through the power of a syndication partnership with other investors like you, working with managing partners who are experienced in managing apartment complexes, you can own multifamily assets.  

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And take one more step. Become a member of our ATTUNE INVESTORS CLUB in which you have more personal access to us.  JOIN HERE

After you join, schedule a call with one of us and we can get to know each other better and answer your questions.  We are required by the SEC to build a relationship with you before we can share any specific investment opportunities.  So JOIN TODAY.

Perhaps you would be interested in our MEETUP GROUP which meets virtually, on Zoom, on the third Wednesday of each month, 12:00 noon – 1:00 p.m. (Eastern).  Share a name and email and we will put you on our email list to alert you to our next virtual meeting.  HERE IS HOW TO SIGN UP

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