Investing that makes a difference for you and the world

Your goal when you invest is likely to generate a financial return.  You want to produce growth or income, or both, from your investments, don’t you?

But, there are some things in which you probably would choose not to invest.  Things that go against your own personal values, things that you think will have a negative impact in our world.

Someone I know lost a close friend to lung cancer, attributed to smoking.  Although he might be broadly invested in the market, he will not buy tobacco company stocks.  Perhaps you can think of other examples of investments that might have a negative impact.

Some investors, perhaps you are one of them, look both at the financial performance and at the positive impact their investments make.

Investing in apartments achieves both.  Better returns for you.  Better communities for people in our world.

First, let’s look at the better returns achieved through investments in apartments.


Many very wealthy people have been investing in real estate, and apartments in particular, for generations.  They realize what a superior investment this is.

People like you are realizing the opportunity to invest in apartments is available to ordinary people.  You and they are discovering the financial returns apartments provide. 

As you are coming to realize, there are five major advantages over more traditional investments. 

Many call apartments an I.D.E.A.L. Investment because of the following five major benefits.  Some traditional investments, such as stocks and mutual funds, do not provide all five of these.

1.       Income.  Apartment complexes are businesses which generate income for those who own them.

2.       Depreciation.  The federal tax codes require owners to depreciate the buildings and improvements, thus producing significant tax advantages.

3.       Equity.  The value of the apartment complex grows over time as the income from the property increases.  This provides equity growth for the owners.  If the owners use mortgage debt to purchase the property, as the loan is paid back, the owners’ equity in the property increases every month.

4.       Appreciation.  Rent and real estate prices tend to appreciate or grow in value over time.  Owners can even “force” the appreciation of the property with improvements to the complex, which allow higher rents from the market, increasing the value significantly.

5.       Leverage.  Owners are typically able to borrow 70 to 80% in long term financing, which means they are leveraging their small down payment.  The whole property is increasing in value, multiplying the return on the smaller actual investment.

These five important benefits work in our favor to provide an appropriate, even excellent return on our investments. 

So, for those who are looking to achieve a good financial return on their investments, apartment complexes fit the bill.  They are an ideal investment.

Can apartments also provide a way to make a positive impact in our world? Take a look.


Attune Investments LLC seeks to make better communities by owning and operating apartment complexes.  

We focus on properties which tend to serve working households, providing them with good, clean, safe, and more affordable housing.  We locate well built complexes in good neighborhoods, make sure the numbers work, negotiate a purchase, and find investment partners to join us in a syndication to own and operate the property.


The residents we seek to serve are everyday working people.  They are middle managers in retail, government workers, teachers and police and fire and other public safety workers. 

I am thinking of a young couple.  She is a nurse.  He works at a  supermarket.  They have a young son.  Another is a manager of a fast food restaurant in the area.

Our apartments are not the ones with a lot of expensive amenities.  Therefore they are more affordable for those who are making a good but not great salary. 


We take pride in providing safe, clean housing, a wholesome place to live, and a place where residents are surrounded by good neighbors. Not every apartment complex is safe or clean. Our residents appreciate a nice place to live.

The young couple mentioned above appreciates the sense of safety in our complex. 

Our complexes have good lighting.  We maintain them well.  Parking areas and common areas are well lit, clean and uncluttered.

Our office and maintenance staff get to know the residents personally and create a sense of warmth and welcome and community.


Many people choose to rent rather than purchase their homes.  There are many reasons for this.  One is the affordability of a home purchase.  

We serve people who want a more affordable option for their household.  They don’t need a lot of services or extra amenities.

When we purchase right and manage right.  We work to keep the expenses down for the property so we can keep our rents in the more affordable range for our residents.


Our apartment complexes improve the neighborhoods and communities in which we are located.  We maintain our properties so the residents are proud to live there.  We set the tone for our neighborhood, raising the standard for everyone.

We often take complexes that were not managed or maintained well and improve the operations and the appearance, through landscaping, fresh paint, and good maintenance.  Updating the interiors, where needed, provides a more inviting and attractive atmosphere in which to live.

Residents become neighbors and friends over time.  The cities in which we operate appreciate the kind of owners we are and how we operate.  We make a positive impact on families and whole communities.


Attune Investments provides a better return for our investors.  And we make a positive impact in people’s lives and in our world.

If you want to learn more about how others are investing with us then I invite you to join our club and request a conversation with us.

Through the power of a syndication partnership with other investors like you, working with managing partners who are experienced in managing apartment complexes, you can own multifamily assets.

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