Navigating Disappointments

I remember a stock I bought back in 1999, which had such promise, but it did not perform as I expected.  I lost a portion of my investment on that one.

I remember a flip I did that just barely broke even after I had completed the renovations and was able to sell it.  I had hoped for so much more.

Setbacks happen in multifamily investments too, just like other asset classes. 

Ups and downs, successes and disappointments are part of the investing journey for all of us.  I would guess even Warren Buffet has not hit all his investment targets.

Sometimes an investment does just what your plans for it were.  Sometimes it does not.  Setbacks are an inevitable part of the journey over time, aren’t they?

EMBRACE THE CHALLENGES.  The key is to learn.  I choose to embrace the challenges as opportunities for growth.

It is easy to get all emotional when we experience a loss or a miss.  It is easy for the doubts and fears and frustrations to linger week after week.  It is easy to quit.

SET GOALS.  Setting goals is a crucial step toward success with our investments.  In the multifamily space, we establish a business plan at the beginning.  We are very clear with our investors what our expectations are.  Clear objectives help guide our investment decisions.

However, despite our best efforts and intentions, there are times when investments may fall short of the goals we set at the beginning.  This is true of anyone you choose to invest with. 

WHAT HAVE YOU LEARNED?  We suggest you ask anyone offering you an opportunity to invest with them about their experiences of disappointments even failures with their investments.  Ask them what they have learned from this.

I know several excellent operators who have faced major problems with their apartment complexes.  They have learned from them.  They are wiser, more aware, more careful now.  The challenges they faced have made them stronger and more successful.

PART OF THE GAME.  Setbacks and disappointments in this investment journey are part of the game.  Markets fluctuate, economies turn down, and unexpected events can all impact the performance of a property, sometimes even causing them to underperform.

Instead of quitting or dwelling on disappointment, I use these experiences in my own life (and by talking with others about their experiences of “failure”) to reassess my strategies, identify areas for improvement, add to my education, and make better-informed decisions moving forward.

Mike Jacobson and I look forward to talking with you about what you have learned from the setbacks you have faced with your investments.  What have you learned?  

We’ll be glad to share our experiences and the lessons we have learned, too.  These can be very important in guiding our decisions and actions.

Give us a call.  Let’s talk soon.

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