Which is more like you?

At Attune Investments, we serve a whole range of investors.  Each individual has a different goal for their investments.  Each has a different tolerance for risk.  Each has their own story.

We take time to get to know our potential investors, to make sure they have the right fit with us.

The truth for any operator like Attune Investments is there can be wonderful rewards for being invested in multifamily properties and there are significant risks as well.  This is not a “sport” in which everyone is comfortable playing. 

Take a look at three possible investors we have met over the years.


John and Martina are a few years away from retirement.  They have enjoyed their working years, raising a family, paying off their mortgage, serving their community, and developing a wonderful group of friends.

Unlike a number of people their age, they have secured fairly secure pensions and will soon qualify for social security.  And, they have a significant amount invested in 401(k)s, IRAs and mutual funds.

What they are most concerned about is being able to maintain their lifestyle in retirement.

They remember several of their older friends who took a big hit during the “great recession” in 2008 and 2009, who lost half or more of their net worth in the downturn.  These older friends, including their parents, had to cut way back on their expenses because their income had reduced so much.

John and Martina didn’t want that to happen to them.

As we talked, they realized they needed to protect and grow the bulk of their invested capital so it would keep up with inflation and potential crisis expenses in the decades ahead.  They also wanted their investments to provide them with a certain amount of steady cash flow to add to their ongoing income from pensions and social security.

They realized the many benefits of investing a chunk of their investments in commercial real estate, specifically apartments. 

So, they did some serious research to find an operator with a good track record, one they would get to know personally, one they could trust.

They are still maintaining a portfolio of investments, but find their multifamily properties have done the best in terms of maintaining value and producing income, along with providing some nice tax benefits.


Marcela is a young entrepreneur.  She has decades to go until her retirement if she ever chooses to retire.  And she is quite comfortable with risk.  She would call herself an aggressive investor seeking significant growth in the capital she has to invest.

This makes Marcela quite different when compared with John and Maria above. 

Marcela doesn’t need much cash flow right now.  Her business is doing well.  Her goal is to build her net worth and is willing to take risks to do so.

She, too, has discovered the potential of long-term investments in multifamily as a way to achieve her goals.  She realizes time is on her side and can take advantage of many of the benefits of investments in apartments, which come with patience.

Marcela likes the four steps of buying right, financing right, managing right, and exiting right.

Like John and Maria, she put in quite a bit of time and effort finding an operator who knew what to do and does what is necessary to take a property and increase its long-term value.

Marcella enjoys being able to work actively in the business of her passionate interest and at the same time to be “passive” with her investments entrusted to a solid operator.


Tony and Tia were working toward building enough net worth to fund their children’s college in about 10 years.

They are kind of a mix between Marcela and John and Maria.  They need some aggressive growth in order to have necessary funds to provide a good education for their children, but also desire the safety of not experiencing a major hit to their net worth in the near future.

They sat down together with several potential multifamily operators and chose the one that fit best for them, the one that listened to them and understood them, the one in whom they felt the greatest trust.

While maintaining their basket of mutual funds, John and Maria moved a significant chunk of their investments into a few syndications that owned and operated apartment complexes in the South.

There have been some ups and downs, particularly with the recent Covid pandemic and the impact of inflation over the past few years. But they are quite pleased with the performance their chosen operator has produced for them. 

They appreciate the excellent regular communications so they know what is going on with the apartment complexes.  They have watched their investments grow and are on target for their investment goals.


Which of these three are you like?  Perhaps you are different from all three.

Each of us is different.  We have different stories. We have different tolerances for risk.  We have different goals.

Get in touch with your own story, your own goals, your own ability to deal with risk, and then do your research like each of these did.  If you are thinking an investment in a multifamily asset would be right for you, get to know a few operators and do your own due diligence. 

Then take that first step and take advantage of the many benefits of investments in apartment complexes.


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Through the power of a syndication partnership with other investors like you, working with managing partners who are experienced in managing apartment complexes, you can own multifamily assets.  

Or you can choose to loan money, get in with a clear return, and get out earlier.  

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