Ask These Questions Before You Invest

I recently had a relative contact me who was approached about investing in a business with someone who is syndicating. They were looking for limited partners.  He was considering investing as a limited partner in this business and had a few questions. 

Have I heard of syndications?  Have I heard of this person who is putting the syndication together?  What do I know about them?

And there was also some outside pressure on him to invest.

What questions would you ask?

Alignment With Vision And Goals

In the world of investments, every opportunity under consideration warrants careful evaluation to ensure alignment with your financial goals and values.

What is his current investing plan?  He is currently considering investing in an AirBnB or short term rental property.  He is also expecting to be moving sometime in the next year or two. So with those considerations on the horizon, it makes you wonder if the investment is a good choice and ask a few questions.

Does this other investment fit with his vision? Does it align with his other goals that he and his wife are trying to achieve? And does it align with his experience? How does he feel about this other opportunity? Is he familiar with it? What does he need to learn to get up to speed, to decide whether it’s a good investment or not? 

Harland and I created a video recently about creating your own vision. You want to have an idea what the life is that you want to have along with your investing goals and your path to get there. So does each investment align with what you want to be doing? How does it help you achieve your goals?  You can access the video here.

Assessing Competence

Then we want to look at the competence of the general partners, the people who are going to be controlling the investment. Are they competent? What’s their experience level? What have they been doing in the past along the lines that will prepare them for success on this investment? What is their track record? Have they done this before? How many times? 

Ask about some investments that have gone wrong. My wife and I had a beach condo. We bought it back in January of 2006, and that was the perfect time to set ourselves up for a decline in the market.  We rode that one down and it took us 12 years to get out of it.  But we never missed a payment. Things like that can hurt, but you want to know what someone will do when things don’t go right. 

Along those lines, we’ve also been following other syndicators. We want to know how other syndicators operate and we want to watch their track record. We want to see them as they develop and find out how well they perform.  Because sometimes we want to be passive investors. Sometimes we want to be active investors as general partners. So this is a good opportunity, following other syndicators to see who we may want to invest with when we want to be passive investors.


Beyond financial metrics, assessing the character and integrity of the individuals behind an investment is crucial.

Do you personally know the people who are going to be running this investment? Or do you know somebody who does know them? What do you know about them and their character? What can you find out? 

There’s also Google. You can go online and learn a lot. Do you see a lot of red flags or do you see a lot of good results that align with what you are looking for? It may shape your expectations and sometimes people are surprised for the better or for the worse. 

What about their integrity? Is this somebody you can trust? Or should you trust them?

Is it someone you would want to do business with? Because if you’re going into an investment with them, you may be working with them for a number of years. It could be short term, it could be long term. But is this someone you want to be doing business with even as a passive investor? Are they going to be open to communicating with you as this goes along? 


We get lots of opportunities to look at every week. 

Navigating the world of investments requires careful consideration and due diligence. By asking the right questions and aligning investments with your vision, goals, and values, you can make informed decisions that contribute to long-term financial success.

These are just three quick suggestions or questions to consider with any investment.  First of all, does the investment align with your vision?  Do the controlling partners have the competence to run the business or the investment successfully? And do they have character that aligns with your values? 

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