Does “Mindset” Really Matter?

DOES “MINDSET” REALLY MATTER?  How to change what you think Does “mindset” really matter? You better believe it does.  Your mindset (whatever that is) is perhaps the single most significant element in your life.  My mindset has held me back so many times through the years. Until my mindset shifted, I was blocked.  When I […]

Merry Christmas

MERRY CHRISTMAS Mike Bocanegra and Amy Nichols, Mike and Barb Jacobson, and Harland and Barbara Merriam reach out to you today and wish you a Merry Christmas. We hope your holidays are filled with the peace and joy this season brings. May blessings abound as we all celebrate with family and friends. If your holidays […]

Always Be Learning

ALWAYS BE LEARNING Gain knowledge and Build relationships   Two of us on our management team spent the weekend at a conference in Orlando. We engaged with about 700 other multifamily investors. This is something we do quite often. We regularly invest in our ongoing education.  We are constantly sharpening our skills and building our knowledge […]


3 TIPS FOR MAINTAINING A GOOD RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR INVESTORS How to Keep the “Know, Like, and Trust” Going If you are a “passive investor” in a multi-family project, you know how important the communications from the managing partners are, don’t you? When they don’t communicate for a while, your worst fears start to surface.  […]

A Motel to Student Housing Concept

A MOTEL TO STUDENT HOUSING CONCEPT A Long Shot, But… Students, like the ones pictured in this article, are looking for good student housing.  In the right location, there is high demand for a place to live close to the campus. For over a year now, we have been looking in Alabama, Georgia, and Florida […]

Find An Operator You Can Trust

FIND AN OPERATOR YOU CAN TRUST, SO YOU CAN GET TO YOUR DESTINATION A Conversation with Stony Stonebraker We always enjoy the value Stony Stonebraker brings to us personally and professionally. Stony and Harland discuss investing in multi-family real estate as part of your diversified portfolio. Here are some of the points Stony makes… First […]

Gain Control with Multifamily Investments

GAIN CONTROL WITH MULTIFAMILY INVESTMENTS Lennon Lee and Mike Jacobson talk together Lennon Lee shares a number of nuggets for those considering investments in multifamily properties.  We enjoyed this conversation with Lennon.  We are in a mastermind together with Lennon.  Here are some of his key points… Miami based full time real estate investor From […]

Please Give Us a Call

PLEASE GIVE US A CALL So we can share something when we get it We won’t be able to talk with you about any future opportunity we might have, unless… Unless we have a prior, substantive relationship with you, we can’t talk specifics or give you the option to invest. We would like to, but […]

Multifamily is Accessible to You

MULTIFAMILY IS ACCESIBLE TO YOU A Conversation with David Kamara We learn a lot from each other, as we share in a regularly meeting mastermind together. David is in Michigan and active in multi-family. In this 11 minute video, you will learn from David. a business consultant started investing in single-family scaled up to multifamily […]


CHARTING YOUR PATH TO FINANCIAL EXCELLENCE Taking action over time creates confidence and competence John owned a large chunk of land in the East Texas woods, with an old house on it.  He and his wife would spend days off and vacations at their cabin in the woods, for relaxation.   He liked taking walks in […]

Scaling Up with Partnerships

What a great guy! We enjoyed conversing with Bill Manassaro of  the Old Dawgs Rei Network Podcast Bill’s podcasts air twice a week. He interviews real people, primarily on topics related to real estate investing. Bill is a very gracious host and a fine interviewer. Here are a few of the key points from our […]

5 Best Practices for Managing Your Assets

5 BEST PRACTICES FOR MANAGING YOUR ASSETS There are consequences for not managing the asset Beth’’s investment group has a few days left in their “due diligence” phase before they complete the purchase of a large multi-family complex.  They are discovering the poor asset management by the current owner. “Set it and forget it,” may […]

Sorry We Can’t Talk To You

Sorry.  We Can’t Talk To You. The SEC Has Rules Nancy knew Larry was a real estate investor.  She even received his blog.  She was learning a lot about real estate investing.   But, she never had met and talked to him.    When he put together an opportunity for a new deal, she wanted to make […]


CHECKLIST FOR LENDING MONEY ON REAL ESTATE 9 Steps to a Successful Investment So, you have decided to lend money on a real estate property.  You know this can be an excellent way of achieving a good, predictable return on your investment.   A little further down in this article, you will learn a checklist with […]

Making it Through Covid

MAKING IT THROUGH COVID AS APARTMENT INVESTORS Mike Bocanegra discusses the challenges and lessons learned with our experiences during Covid. Harland MerriamHarland leads our Investor Relations.  He is a “repurposed” Pastor and Army Chaplain.  He is an author, speaker, mastermind facilitator, and coach.  Harland lives with his wife, Barbara, in DeLand, Florida.

5 Reasons to Lend Money

5 REASONS TO LEND MONEY Discover a safer, clearer way to grow your net worth Mark loaned $100,000 to Suzanne, a real estate investor he knew and trusted.  Suzanne and her team used the money to fund renovations on a property.   They completed the renovations, sold the property, and paid Mark back his $100,000 […]

3 Reasons For and Against Motel to Apartment Conversions

3 REASONS FOR AND AGAINST MOTEL TO APARTMENT CONVERSION What to watch and watch out for Picture this, a nice garden-style motel in the right location, for sale at the right price.   Do you see an opportunity in this picture?   Might you consider converting this to apartments?   Unusual, but could be very profitable. Although built […]

3 Reasons You Will Be Glad You Invested in Apartments

3 REASONS YOU WILL BE GLAD YOU INVESTED IN APARTMENTS If you are like me, ten years from now, you will be glad you took a good look at apartment investing.  You might even have a big smile on your face because you decided to invest.   I have been investing for over 50 years.  For […]

Can You Make Both a Good Return and a Positive Impact?

CAN YOU MAKE BOTH A GOOD RETURN AND A POSITIVE IMPACT? Investing that makes a difference for you and the world Your goal when you invest is likely to generate a financial return.  You want to produce growth or income, or both, from your investments, don’t you? But, there are some things in which you […]

Why We Like Investing in Syndications

Harland MerriamHarland leads our Investor Relations.  He is a “repurposed” Pastor and Army Chaplain.  He is an author, speaker, mastermind facilitator, and coach.  Harland lives with his wife, Barbara, in DeLand, Florida.

Are You Prepared to Profit from Rising Demand in Rental Housing?

ARE YOU PREPARED TO PROFIT FROM RISING DEMAND IN RENTAL HOUSING? 3 reasons why demand for rentals remains high Are you considering adding apartments to your investment portfolio? This could be a very wise decision, because demand for apartments remains high. Other people, just like you, have raised this question.  They wonder if apartments are […]

Are You Ready for Volatility?

ARE YOU READY FOR VOLATILITY? Why Volatility Is Not Your Friend Volatility can be fun.  Ask the thousands of people who enjoyed riding the roller-coasters at the theme parks this past week.  Up, up, up they go, click, click, click and then over the top and a steep drop and wild swings. Perhaps you enjoy […]

Overcoming 3 Challenges of Investing in Multi-Family For the First Time

OVERCOMING 3 CHALLENGES OF INVESTING IN MULTI-FAMILY FOR THE FIRST TIME Moving Up to a Bicycle with Two Wheels Taking the plunge from traditional investments to multi-family investments can be challenging.  Like moving up to a bicycle with two wheels. Do you find it difficult to change?  I know I do.  In fact, you and I […]

Real Estate Investing is a Team Sport

REAL ESTATE INVESTING IS A TEAM SPORT Mike Bocanegra and Harland Merriam talk about the importance of the team approach to real estate investing, particularly in our multi-family space. Click on the YouTube Video picture above for the 8-minute conversation. We invite you to JOIN OUR ATTUNE INVESTMENT CLUB so we can get to know […]

7 Steps in my Leap from Single-Family to Multi-Family

7 STEPS IN MY LEAP FROM SINGLE-FAMILY TO MULTI-FAMILY Harland’s story to over 100 doors By Harland Merriam You can make the leap from single-family to multi-family real estate.  Many have done this quite successfully.  I did.  You can, too.  Of course, what works for you will be uniquely you.  I’ll share my story, which […]

Multi-family: A Perfect Investment

MULTI-FAMILY: A PERFECT INVESTMENT Learn some of the elements of multi-family that make it a near “perfect investment”. This is a video conversation between Mike Jacobson and Harland Merriam. Harland MerriamHarland leads our Investor Relations.  He is a “repurposed” Pastor and Army Chaplain.  He is an author, speaker, mastermind facilitator, and coach.  Harland lives with […]

Class A, B, and C Propeties Explained

THE ABCs OF MULTIFAMILY PROPERTIES Do you know your ABCs?  You probably know the alphabet, learning it when you were a youngster. In multifamily properties, when we refer to the ABCs we are talking about the various classes of properties.  Four factors determine what class a property might be – the age of the property, […]

The ABCs of Multifamily Investing

Want to learn more about investing in apartments? Join our Attune Investors Club Harland MerriamHarland leads our Investor Relations.  He is a “repurposed” Pastor and Army Chaplain.  He is an author, speaker, mastermind facilitator, and coach.  Harland lives with his wife, Barbara, in DeLand, Florida.

5 Questions to Ask Before You Invest

5 QUESTIONS TO ASK BEFORE YOU INVEST How to make sure you have the right multi-family syndicator. By Harland Merriam You don’t want a so-so auto mechanic.  You don’t want an average surgeon.  You don’t want an unproven dentist.  Do you? Of course not.  The same goes for any potential multi-family syndicator you might consider.  […]

The Magic of Leverage

THE MAGIC OF LEVERAGE 5 ways of using this magical power to increase the return on your investment What if you could “magically” turn a simple 3% rise in the value of your investment into an actual 12% return on your investment? You might be able to and it is not magic.  The 170-pound guy […]