How To Survive Market Downturns With Confidence

Wall Street Bull

HOW TO SURVIVE MARKET DOWNTURNS WITH CONFIDENCE Using Real Estate To Balance Your Portfolio Do you ever wonder which direction the stock market is really heading? Or if it is about to take a turn? This week was like snow skiing on a black diamond run.  But I had just learned how to get on […]

Creating A Shared Vision

CREATING A SHARED VISION Expanding The Foundation For Financial Success It was sometime after obtaining our first rental property that I actually had a written plan.  I called it A Path To Financial Freedom.  It had 7 steps to reach financial freedom with real estate.   It looked like this: Foundation, Find, Fund, Fix, Flip, (Port)folio, […]

5 Secrets To Keeping A New Year’s Resolution

5 SECRETS TO KEEPING A NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION First, I wish everyone a Happy New Year!  Most of us look forward to a new year beginning.  It’s a time for a fresh start.   Many of us tend to make New Year’s Resolutions.  Unfortunately, most resolutions go the way of gym memberships by March. Over the […]

The Struggle Is Real

THE STRUGGLE IS REAL Battling Between Good Debt and Bad Debt My wife is a huge Dave Ramsey fan.  For many personal finance issues I agree with him.  Like paying off consumer debt and investing 10-15 percent of your income.  And purchasing term life insurance is a great way to protect your income for your […]

What Is Your “Why?”

WHAT IS YOUR WHY? Goal Setting in January is common.   For some, it is as simple as a New Year’s Resolution, such as going to the gym 5 days a week.  For others, it is financial, such as investing a certain amount of dollars or growing the portfolio to a certain level by certain dates […]

Discovering The Magic Of Compounding

DISCOVERING THE MAGIC OF COMPOUNDING Have you ever said, “I wish that I had known then what I know now?” I just spent a weekend listening to some great teachers who have been investing in real estate for over 50 years.  Consider the market cycles and changes they have experienced.   Did they make mistakes?  Yes. […]

Choosing An Exit Strategy For Better Returns

CHOOSING AN EXIT STRATEGY FOR BETTER RETURNS The Finish Line Is Not The End Of The Race Many private syndications buy commercial properties to hold for a significant period of time.  Maybe five to seven years.  Then the property is sold and you get a windfall.  You expect to receive back your initial investment along […]

What Is An Accredited Investor?

WHAT IS AN ACCREDITED INVESTOR? How Can I Get In On The Action? Investing can be like fishing.   If you fish from a dock you might catch some small fish.  Or you might find a bridge that goes over deeper water to catch something a little larger.  But it seems that you need a boat […]

The Appeal of Multi-Family Investments

The Appeal of Multi-Family Investments A Conversation with Sam Khairi We have come to know Sam in a mastermind in which we meet regularly and are learning together and encouraging one another. Sam speaks of how he made the move into multi-family and why. Lives in the San Francisco Bay area Wife and two sons […]

Living The Dream

LIVING THE DREAM Dare To Share It was only a few years ago in the corporate world that I would greet someone with “How’s it going?”  They would sometimes reply back with “Living the dream.” An obvious note of sarcasm was in their voice. We were working in our field of choice.  For me it […]

Defending Your Retirement Nest Egg

DEFENDING YOUR RETIREMENT NEST EGG The Attack Has Begun Your IRA is under attack as I am writing this blog. The right to choose your investments will be taken away if the current bills in the U.S. House of Representatives become law.  The bills seek to pull money from Main Street and direct it to […]

Taming The Inflation Monster

TAMING THE INFLATION MONSTER And Keep Growing Your Nest Egg Inflation seems to be everywhere. Have you seen it at the gas pumps?  Have you observed higher prices at the grocery store? Small and large businesses are having to pay higher wages to get new employees.  Inflation has picked up significantly. Congress has authorized over […]

Forced Appreciation vs Market Appreciation

FORCED APPRECIATION VS MARKET APPRECIATION Taking Control For Greater Returns Most people are aware of market appreciation.  You can see it in rising home prices.   Surely you have noticed the rising prices people are paying for homes these days. Market appreciation is primarily due to inflation. Supply and demand drives market appreciation as well. As […]

Is Real Estate Investing Safe?

IS REAL ESTATE INVESTING SAFE? How To Invest With Greater Security Many people are afraid of investing in real estate.  Why? Some think it is risky. Some don’t want to deal with tenants and toilets. There is a simple solution. Without having to deal with tenants and toilets.   Be the bank. That’s right.  Cut out […]

How To Protect Your Assets And Increase Cash Flow

HOW TO PROTECT YOUR ASSETS AND INCREASE CASH FLOW Like many of you, my wife and I like to travel.  On one trip we were relaxing in the hot tub at a nice hotel in San Juan, Puerto Rico and enjoying the view.  Picture a scenic view from the roof of the seventh floor looking […]

Is The Cheese Moving Again?

IS THE CHEESE MOVING AGAIN? The Covid-19 pandemic has brought many changes in the marketplace. Change creates opportunity for those willing to embrace it, but can bring despair for those unwilling to accept change.   In the early 1900s there were many icehouses in the country.   These were businesses that provided blocks of ice so […]

How to Avoid Taxes Inside an IRA

HOW TO AVOID TAXES INSIDE AN IRA And Maximize Your Returns Did you know that your IRA may have to pay taxes? Even for investments inside a Roth account? Before I opened my first self-directed IRA investment, I thought all IRA investments were tax-deferred.  Perhaps you are thinking the same thing.  And when Roth IRAs […]

Taking The Mystery Out Of Cap Rates

TAKING THE MYSTERY OUT OF CAP RATES Determining Value In Commercial Properties Quoted CAP rates are like glamour shots.  They are what the broker or seller wants you to see.  Two words come to mind, “caveat emptor”, or buyer beware.  It is up to the buyer to verify all information affecting CAP rates in listed […]

Get Rid Of Your Retirement Fears Once And For All

GET RID OF YOUR RETIREMENT FEARS ONCE AND FOR ALL What do you think of when someone says “retirement”?   Do you look forward to traveling and spending more time with friends and family?  Or does your mind raise concerns about health and running out of money? Life is like a roll of toilet paper.  The […]

Set FIRE To Your Retirement Plan

SET FIRE TO YOUR RETIREMENT PLAN Is your retirement plan on track?  Will it get you where you want to be financially on time?  Most people’s retirement plans are underfunded.  Many corporate pension plans are also underfunded.  Social Security was only designed to fund 40-percent of a retiree’s income, and it is expected to run […]

The Secret To Passive Real Estate Investing

THE SECRET TO PASSIVE REAL ESTATE INVESTING Just Give Me Three Steps You have probably seen it on TV.  A couple buys a distressed house, fixes it up, and sells it for what appears to be a huge profit.  They put in a lot of work and it was usually a full-time job.  There are […]

How To Invest Like The 1-Percent

HOW TO INVEST LIKE THE 1-PERCENT Investing Secrets That Wall Street Won’t Tell You Have you ever felt like you are missing investment opportunities because you don’t have the money?  Do you have to spend too much time working to spend time identifying and managing your best investments?   GETTING STARTED I was still in college […]

The Power of Compounding Interest

THE POWER OF COMPOUNDING INTEREST What Would You Do With $1,000,000 Tax-Free? Albert Einstein once said, “Compound interest is the most powerful force in the universe.”   Whether or not you agree, it can be thought-provoking. I will show you how to employ this powerful force to create $1 million in tax-free net worth. How does […]

Investing For Appreciation vs. Cash Flow

INVESTING FOR APPRECIATION VS. CASH FLOW Should I invest for cash flow?  Or should I invest for appreciation and equity? Updated March 6, 2023 Should I invest for cash flow?  Or should I invest for appreciation and equity? Rising interest rates can put a squeeze on finding properties with a desired level of cash flow.  […]

I’d Rather Have Equity Than Eat

Who Else Wants A Giant Nest Egg? By Mike Jacobson Pete noticed something was different at the dinner table.  It was set with a nice tablecloth, china and complete with candlelight.  As he sat down he asked his wife, “what’s for dinner?”   “Equity”, she replied. It seems that Pete may have said one too many […]

Discover 5 Reasons Why Real Estate is the Ideal Investment

Discover 5 Reasons Why Real Estate is the Ideal Investment Are you taking advantage of these five benefits? By Mike Jacobson A few years ago when my wife and I were on our way home from a vacation,  We checked the stock on our way home and it had dropped from $60 per share to […]

Will I Have Enough To Retire? Or Who Wants to Retire Early?

It’s Back to Fundamentals to Review Your Financial Plan Periodically When my son was eight years old I was asked to be a coach for his basketball team. I didn’t know anything about coaching basketball, but I was paired with someone else who did.  Glen played college basketball and explained that every season, no matter […]